What is Meditation?

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There are many forms of meditation, in the meditative alert state you are connected to your soul. You can do that awake and asleep and which one is better depends on you.

You can be in meditative state everywhere, in nature walking or half-sleep, in yoga pose or just sitting or standing pausing.

You can also be in a meditative state between your thoughts, in between, just pause and be present, you can do that the whole day, in being and doing mode.

You can train yourself and slowly build up resilience, just a little for a while and then a little longer. It is good to start with a pause in the middle of the stressful day and relax for a while that will make you feel better and relaxed. In that state of being it is much easier to tackle challenges as they come along the way.

In the meditative state when you are present and connected to your deeper state of being you have also access to your inner knowing, you are wiser and have more resilience.

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