What is God?

Was listening to an interview at Sounds True with a living Buddha Thick Nhat Hanh, who is a Zen Master living in France, the Plum village, his resort. He has been much pioneer in mindfulness, he says that the present moment is only available, and the best you can give to someone is your full presence. We have to raise the collective awareness, we are too much caught up in forms.

We need deep listening to suffer less.

He said that:

“God is the substance”

I started to think, how can we explain what God is, many people who don´t believe in God, I don´t think they know what God really is. But the believer they don´t need any explanation because God is in their heart, something they feel and love.

Some descriptions have heard, God is everywhere and God is invisible, both are true. God is the energy that create this universe, the planet is only stones. God is the Creator, working together, that creates the sea and the green, the flowers, animals, humans and our soul. Always natural balancing.

When have listening skills, with mindful listening, you can listen to God, according to Thick there is always something after mindful, mindful eating, listening, talking etc. When you have trained yourself in listening your can listen to God, you can hear the grass grow, the flowers whisper to you, “I am OK” and the water surrounds you with healing. When in nature you can feel this, at the waterfall or on the mountain. When your mind is still you can listen with your heart open to hear the music of life always in your heart. Everybody know this feeling when they sit at the waterfall.

Now summer is coming and I wish you all will enjoy the summer and also the moment, give your brain a pause, breath in life, the Creator is breathing for you, because it is the only moment you have as the living Buddha say. Focus on your breathing, focus on life and healing. The love is all-encompassing.


By Guðbjörg

"Fly your dreams"

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