Natalie Glasson on Love

Sacred School of OMNA

Excerpt from the book “White beacons is in Atlantis”

Author: Nara Merlyn is Natalie Glasson´s higher self

“Your soul gradually merges with your entire being over time with your self inspection; the integration isn´t an instantaneous experience but more so a process of your recognizing the presence of your soul within you”.

“As you remove false energy from within, you allow yourself to glimpse your soul, and in doing so, you create a deeper unity and oneness with the Creator”.

“You might discover every obstruction, pain, or hindrance within you originates in a lack of love, symbolizing that through your unconditional love for yourself, you can gain enlightenment and an awareness of the consciousness of the Creator”.


By Guðbjörg

"Fly your dreams"

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